Bespoke Bedrooms

Inline with our culture of individual specification for clients we have the ability to design and manufacture furniture to create bespoke bedrooms, home offices and media units which meet our client’s needs in both storage capacity and unique finishes. As these projects are purely specified for each client we are not restricted by standard heights, widths, depths or any angles that may need to be addressed.

A vast range of finishes, colours and designs await allowing clients to specify a truly unique project. Internally the furniture must also fulfill an efficient method of storage while also being pleasing to the eye. Contrasting finishes can be utilised to great effect internally and externally where large expanses might feel less than interesting. Lighting for internal storage and external effect can all be planned within the scheme required.

All such furniture is manufactured in our on site factory and installed by our very own installation teams.

So if you are looking to create something wonderful then we can provide the knowledge and expertise .

deViell – Designed to be different.